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Dental fillings exist for one major purpose, to destroy cavities. Dental fillings are one of the last lines of defense if our tooth enamel has been breached by the relentless assault of harmful bacteria on our teeth. With dental fillings, the decay from a cavity can be removed and the cavity restored with a filling that not only removes a cavity from a tooth but seals it to hopefully prevent any future cavity from forming once more.

Dental fillings can save your smile. Here are some important tips to remember about tackling tooth decay and cavities.

– The look a filling can provide is important in determining which to use. A dental amalgam will leave a metallic appearance, whereas composites can be colored to blend in with the natural shades of your teeth.
– Dental fillings on occasion can develop leaks and cracks. If a dental amalgam cracks, it must first be removed and then replaced. If a composite begins to leak, a new layer can be applied without removing the original one.
– Due to allergies and an aversion to mercury, many individuals can opt out of mercury-containing amalgams and stick with dental composite fillings.
– The size of a cavity can alter which treatment will work best. Oftentimes, dental amalgams are used for large cavities, while tooth-colored composites are reserved for small ones.

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