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Fortunately, there are many dental restorations in the world today that can help you have the smile of your dreams. Some of those restorations can include dental implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns. Today, our dental team would like to tell you a little more about dentures and why you should consider improving your oral health with this restoration.

Dentures are strong appliances that replace missing teeth. They include a pink base (that represent gums) and false teeth. They suction to the roof of your mouth and help you have a functional smile. There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your missing teeth with dentures, and those reasons are:

-Invasive procedures are not required to wear dentures.

-Dentures can replace your missing teeth and make talking and eating much easier.

-Dentures can give you the smile you have always wanted, which can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

-Dentures can replace your missing teeth even if you have suffered from gum disease, tooth decay, or oral injury.

-Dentures can prevent facial sagging.

-Dentures can help you perform daily tasks that require teeth.

Do you have any questions about dentures in Basking Ridge, New Jersey? If so, don’t be afraid to contact our dental team at 21st Century Dental Care. All you need to do is dial (908) 604-5959 and we will be thrilled to give you the answers you’re looking for. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment if you’re interested in improving your smile with dentures. We are happy to see if this is the right restoration for you!