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Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth during sports or from a hose hold slip and fall can potentially cause harm to teeth and soft tissues. In a situation like this, the application of some basic first-aid can help minimize complications while you assess the need for professional care. Here at 21st Century Dental Care, we want you to have the best dental care, so follow some of the following tips to help your mouth until you can come into our office.

This often includes for clearing the mouth of excess blood and any other unwanted debris to make a better visual inspection. This can often be done by gently rinsing your mouth with lukewarm salt water. This can also help soothe injured soft tissues in the mouth. If you notice any swelling, you might be able to minimize it by lightly pressing a cold compress to the area for up to 20 minutes at a time.

Temporary pain relief might also call for gently rubbing a topical oral anesthetic on the affected soft tissues, or by taking a standard dosage of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. If the problem is significant, you should consider calling (908) 604-5959 to have it examined and treated by Dr. Vitaly Friedman and the staff at 21st Century Dental Care’s clinic in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.