The Why Behind the Advice

We’ve all been told what to do to fight cavities, but do you know WHY the tips help? Let’s look at some common dental advice and see why it works! Brush and Floss: Brush and floss your teeth! We have heard this advice since we were children. Here are the basics: brush your teeth twice… Read more »

If You Have Weakened Teeth, Inquire About Dentures

The older you get, the more at risk you can become for serious dental problems such as advanced tooth decay and gum disease–both of which can cause you to lose several teeth or develop weak teeth. This can reduce your ability to chew food or speak clearly, taking away your quality of life. If you… Read more »

What Can I Do to Prevent Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a harmful oral health condition that can greatly threaten your smile. We invite you to take steps to prevent gum disease so that your smile can remain in good health. Gum disease results from plaque buildup going untreated and being allowed to irritate your gum tissues, causing redness and swelling. If not… Read more »

Oral Trauma First-Aid Often Involves a Gentle Saltwater Rinse

Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth during sports or from a hose hold slip and fall can potentially cause harm to teeth and soft tissues. In a situation like this, the application of some basic first-aid can help minimize complications while you assess the need for professional care. Here at , we want you… Read more »

Brushing Your Teeth with Fluoridated Toothpaste Helps Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Along with flossing at least once, brushing your teeth twice per day establishes an important foundation for the prevention of cavities and gum disease. The American Dental Association recommends using a soft-bristled toothbrush and apply a brand of fluoridated toothpaste with mild abrasives. Fluoride is especially helpful, as it has been proven to strengthen the… Read more »

Aging: How to Keep Your Smile Strong

Keeping your smile strong as you age is easier than ever before with the help of modern technology and additional advances in dentistry. Still, time wears on your oral health even as it does your body, predisposing you to oral afflictions if you are not proactive. You become more susceptible to oral cancers, gum disease,… Read more »

The Effect of Chemotherapy on Dental Health

You are probably aware of some of the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and hair loss. However, over a third of cancer patients also develop dental health issues such as pain in the mouth and gums; chronic dry mouth; a burning, peeling or swelling tongue; oral infection; and a change in taste. Our… Read more »

Spooktacular Dental Hygiene

The Fall season often comes with lots of candy. With trick-or-treating approaching, it’s more important than ever to have “spooktacular” dental hygiene. Great oral hygiene can help protect the teeth from the acids the mouth produces from sugar. Dr. and our team are happy to instruct you on how to “spooktacularly” care for your smile…. Read more »

Causes & Solutions of Bad Breath

Many people suffer from dragon breath on occasion. Bad breath, which is also called halitosis, can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Did you know that there are certain things that can cause bad breath and that there are ways to keep bad breath at bay? Causes of bad breath include: – Dry mouth – Gum disease… Read more »

Tips on Calming Dental Anxiety During a Tooth Extraction

Dental anxiety is a real problem for many people. It involves feeling completely terrified in the dental chair. Our dentist, Dr. , and dental team never want you to feel this way during your appointments at . So, we have some tips that can help you relieve that anxiety if you have an upcoming tooth… Read more »