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Has Dr. Vitaly Friedman said that it may be time for a dental bridge? You may be wondering what that means for you. Read on!

A bridge is a prosthetic device that is permanently fixed to your gumline, serving as a substitute for one or more missing teeth. It is anchored to your mouth with the help of two crowns that are placed over the top of teeth adjacent to the gap.

Depending on your situation, the process of getting a dental bridge may vary, but this is the idea:

First, Dr. Vitaly Friedman will remove the coating of the teeth that in preparation for the crowns. Impressions or molds of your teeth will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory. We’ll fit you with a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent bridge is made. You’ll come back into the office and the permanent bridge will be fitted and cemented onto your teeth.

Do you have more questions about your future dental bridge? Please call 21st Century Dental Care in Basking Ridge, New Jersey at (908) 604-5959. Dr. Vitaly Friedman and our team have the answers and expertise to restore your smile.