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The older you get, the more at risk you can become for serious dental problems such as advanced tooth decay and gum disease–both of which can cause you to lose several teeth or develop weak teeth. This can reduce your ability to chew food or speak clearly, taking away your quality of life. If you have lost multiple teeth or have several weak teeth in your smile, we invite you to speak with our dentist about receiving a set of dentures.

Dentures are sometimes called false teeth because they are a removable dental appliance made up of a set of artificial teeth attached to a base that looks like your natural gum tissues. You can receive dentures for your upper or lower teeth to enhance your mouth’s function and improve its appearance, as well as restore your quality of life.

Following the removal of any weakened teeth, an impression of your smile will be submitted to a dental lab to custom craft your permanent dentures. You can further enhance the fit of your dentures by sealing them to your gums with denture adhesive. This prevents the buildup of food particles between your dentures and natural gums.

To learn more about the benefits of custom-made dentures in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, contact 21st Century Dental Care at (908) 604-5959 and arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Vitaly Friedman.