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Dental implants have been an important aspect of restoration dentistry for the better part of the last two decades. At first, they were only seen as a viable method for restoring a single missing tooth. Over the years, dental implant technology has continued to evolve and grow in popularity, which means now, they can be used in multiple tooth restoration applications.

If you have lost two or three teeth in one area of your mouth, dental implants can now be used to mount a bridge. If you have dentures on your top, bottom or both parts of your mouth, dental implants can be used to create anchor points to lock dentures securely into place.

Dental implants are essentially titanium abutments that are inserted into the existing bone structure of your jaw. Titanium is known to be biologically safe. In time the implanted abutment will fuse to bone structure of your jaw in a process known as osseointegration.

If you are restoring a single tooth, an oral surgeon will only need to install one implant. If, however you are restoring multiple teeth with a bridge, it often requires two abutments. To create anchor points for locking your dentures into place, it often calls for four to six abutments for a single denture.

Once the abutment has fused with your natural bone structure your 21st Century Dental Care dentist can go about the process of fitting you for the bridge, crown or dentures needed to restore the full function of your mouth.

If you are missing one or more teeth and you are interested in having them restored with dental implants, you should call 21st Century Dental Care’s office in Basking Ridge, New Jersey at (908) 604-5959 to schedule an appointment.