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Acidic foods can erode your tooth enamel. Drinks can also be acidic, so be sure to consult with your dentist about which products need extra caution, and which ones should be avoided entirely. For starters, avoid all types of sour treats, as the acidic content is so high in some of them, it is almost the same as battery acid. Protect your tooth enamel and take the steps today to minimize the risk of extremely acidic foods and drinks.

If you cannot avoid foods and beverages with high acidity, make sure they are only consumed with big meals. Never consume acidic foods and beverages on their own or as between-meal snacks. By consuming them with large meals, it can somewhat neutralize the acids.

One of the best ways to neutralize acids in our mouths is produced by our saliva. A good way to increase saliva production in our mouths is by chewing sugarless gum after meals. If no gum is available, you can rinse your mouth out with water.

Try to find a toothbrush with soft bristles that will not be abrasive, as well as toothpaste that has a bicarbonate ingredient and low-abrasion fluoride in it. Never brush and floss after eating acidic meals, because your teeth can be extra sensitive to abrasive materials, and can be damaged even further.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for acidic foods to wear away your tooth enamel. Please book an oral exam with Dr. Vitaly Friedman at our dentist office in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, by calling us at (908) 604-5959. Our team at 21st Century Dental Care looks forward to strengthening your smile to its fullest.