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Have you heard that root canal therapy has come a long way in recent years? In fact, did you know that most patients say that having root canal therapy is only about as unpleasant as having a cavity filled? Still, do you know why root canal therapy is as important as it is—or what the treatment itself involves?

Typically, you’ll need to have root canal therapy if the center of your tooth–which is also known as the pulp–is damaged or infected. Your pulp can’t repair itself, so if you don’t address the issue in the center of your teeth, the problem could spread to your roots, making root canal therapy a necessity.

During this treatment, our dentist will remove any diseased pulp, then clean and seal the area. Next, our team will create a restoration for your tooth. If you care for this restoration well, it could even last a lifetime. You typically won’t have to do anything more than brushing and flossing regularly.

You may need root canal therapy and not even know it. You see, if the nerve in your tooth dies, you won’t feel any pain from the afflicted tooth. If your tooth isn’t treated, it could ultimately crack or fall apart before you know anything is wrong. If you visit our dentist once every six months, we may be able to address any issue you have before it becomes serious.

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